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Pubg New State

Pubg New State is an upcoming action-adventure battle royale game developed by Krafton Inc. and Tesque. The game is a sequel to the original Pubg and is set in a futuristic version of the original map Erangel.

The game introduces a new map, new weapons, and new vehicles. The game also features a new game mode called “Zombie Mode”, in which players must fight against zombies instead of other players. The game is set to release on March 17th, 2021.

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The first change you will see in PUBG New State is its layout. This game takes you to the near future, especially until the year 2051, with a world on the brink of collapse, in which different factions will have to fight for resources. This new background is not only important for the narrative but will also directly affect you on the battlefield. This means you will be able to use all kinds of future technologies, such as direct attack drones, new vehicles, and portable barricades.

In addition to these changes to the game layout, PUBG New State still offers an experience that will be familiar to any War Roya fan. 100 people will face each other on an island and only one player (or team) will win. As always, the blue zone will gradually reduce the game space, causing the collision on one side and the games on the other side to last no more than half an hour.

Like the rest of the series titles, PUBG New State will add new game modes as soon as new updates are released. However, you will always have the classic ‘Battle Royale mode, in solo and four teams. This is the star game mode of the franchise and you can always enjoy it, especially if you have three friends to fight with you.

PUBG New state promises to increase the bar of this genre on mobile devices, offering a few gaming experiences that you can enjoy on Android. More carefully designed graphics and more configuration options, fully customizable controls, and a variety of game modes … Welcome to the new state.




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