Wessing App || Wessing App For Mobile:

Wessing App || Wessing App For Mobile:

WeSing is a popular karaoke canto application. WeSing allows you to download your favorite songs, grab videos of karaoke to presume and hack friends to play music. We will show your talent for the canto. ¡Disfrutemos cantando desde hoy.

Wessing App || Wessing App For Mobile:

We have more than 6 million songs and 100 million users all over the world. You can make a soliloquy in private, or make a couple with friends, include celebrities, or join the karaoke festival. The great selection of effects of voz and variants of video filters can also help you find your grabacions from karaoke destinations and more than I like. You can also use a variety of musical activities to make friends laugh. ¡Grabe sus karaoke videos to share with more than 100 million lovers of music! 3

Features of WeSing Sing Karaoke & Karaoke Grabar y cantar las mejores canciones:

Ante Conter Los Majoris Concouns:

No matter if you like the pop or the hip hop, the R&B or the fok, the rock or the rap, or any other (s), you can have the ultimate excuses.

What can be heard with the accompaniment of high-quality music and lethargy as if it were singing in the air of a concierge.

Grabber videos de karaoke:

The biblioteca de musica completa pero gratuita te ayuda a practicar tus habilidades de canto para dar rienda suelta al cantante que llevas dentro.

Elijah’s favorite songs, grab and edit his karaoke videos with tonelads of voice effects and video genres for fans and fans like me.

Dutto con amigos incluso celebrities

No more abortions. Have a couple with your friends at any moment and at any time.

También hay muchas oportunidades de hacer un dueto con celebridades para hacer una melodía de voz pegadiza.

Sala de Festa TV

Nanka Kent Solo. AseNase a la sala de fiestas de KTV para hacer amigos que también aman cantar.

Mire la sala de fiestas KTV 24/7 to make the aburrimiento.

Comunidad de videos musicales:

Millones de amantes de la musik están showrando su talento el el canto aquí. Discover and encourage.

Explain the effects of music videos and conceive friends of ideas afines.

Activities Musical Interactive

Realize a variation of musical activities to help our music lovers. For example, Dwight Challenge and Party Room PK.

Also to the various musical activities to lucirse or help your favorite favorites.

Transmission live?

What other talented adamás de cantar? You can go live to show all your talents.

Who wants to live the life of music lovers? Also transmit live your interesting life.

The best songs that ahora includes, but not limited to:

Alguien a quien amabas – Lewis Capaldi

Cuando te miro – Miley Cyrus

Hilado – Black Punk

Tú eres la razón – Calum Scott

Tenerte cerca de mí – Suministro de aire

 Hermosa en Blanco – West Life

Deep rolling – Adele

 Algo como esto – The Chainsmokers

Mi corazón seguirá – Celine Dion

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