Cover Strike Game || Cover Strike Apk || Cover Strike For Pc || Cover Strike 3d || Cover Strike:

 Cover Strike Game || Cover Strike Apk || Cover Strike For Pc || Cover Strike 3d || Cover Strike:

Cover Strike Game || Cover Strike Apk || Cover Strike For Pc || Cover Strike 3d || Cover Strike:

Are you an FPS fan? If your answer is yes then you will have a lot of fun in this game. Cover Strike-3D Team Shooter is a really great team shooting game, designed especially for those who love first person shooter game. By playing this game you will know that you are really good at shooting, which can greatly improve your self-confidence. And in real life, it is difficult and haraam for people to shoot with a real gun. But in this game, you will have the opportunity to test all kinds of weapons, including snipers, which will feel like shooting real guns. Getting into a fierce battle with your best friends and destroying all enemies through teamwork is really fun and exciting. It is very important that you fight against your enemies together with your comrades. You can never leave your job as a lone wolf. Believe me, it is more interesting to explore this new world with your best friends than to fight alone. So when it is necessary and when you know that your partner is in danger, always remember to cover your partner’s back and protect each other. Of course, amazing weapons will be available. It’s really nice to try them all. There are more than 20 modern rifles with eagle-like skin. Plus, enjoying all the realistic 3D graphics and cool and vivid animations is a kind of visual treat. You will never get bored, everything looks amazing. You will feel both passion and strength. There are many maps with different tactics. And all the missions included in the different maps have their own special features.


While this is a really cool shooting game, it’s completely free. This game is very easy to play. The controls are really smooth. And the most interesting news is that you can run it anywhere and anytime, even if you are offline and internet connection is not available. And you don’t have to worry about the performance of your device because even if your device is not competent enough, the game system will automatically provide you perfect optimization.

Great Game:

Overall, this is a great game. And once you try it for yourself, you may find your own surprises. The purpose of the key is always right because your ammunition is limited. And even if it is relatively easy for you to hit all of your targets, the real power of your enemies should never be underestimated. If you neglect or try anything before you are fully prepared, it will put you in a very dangerous situation. And even if some advertisements are introduced in this game, they will not affect your game experience. What are you waiting for? It’s time to try this perfect shooting game. You will have a golden opportunity to challenge yourself in completing all the missions.

Invite Friends:

Just invite your friends to start their war journey together. You will not be stopped. That would be epic. And every detail, especially the effects of bombings and explosions, will amaze you. Shooting is also great and the best part is that you can show your true strength and enjoy yourself to the fullest using all the amazing weapons. This is a great opportunity for you to improve your shooting ability. Lastly, if you perform well enough, you can eliminate all your enemies on your own. I wish you success:

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