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State Of Survival Pc || State Of Survival Mod Apk || State Of Survival Wiki || State Of Survival:

Welcome to the world of disasters and diseases. In this world, you will face a zombie apocalypse. To complete your mission in this terrifying world, you must be brave. The virus entered the city six months ago. A lot of bad things happened in six months. The whole city is in chaos. All citizens are living a life of terror. So this is a world where you have to fight to survive. Fighting these horrible zombies is not easy. But you can never give up because once you choose to retreat, everyone will lose hope of survival. The city will fall into the hands of these monsters. And all people die. So to save the lives of the whole city and its citizens, you must fight bravely against these zombies together with your friends. There is no need to feel sorry for these monsters. So if you live to be six months old, you will have a really difficult time. But in the meantime, you will also have the opportunity to try something interesting and amazing. And you have to remember that although this is a war, it is not a competition of pure power or the power of sophisticated weapons. In fact, it is a test of wisdom. War is a kind of artistic activity. So it will be very helpful if you come up with some of the best fighting strategies before choosing to fight the zombies. It is better if you can achieve maximum success with minimum effort.

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You need to reduce the damage before the zombie infection can spread across the country. These evil monsters will destroy all traces of civilization. Our world is no longer the world of government or the army. Currently, the affected monsters dominate the beautiful world. So you have to do your best to remove these monsters and rebuild the city. You don’t have time to waste because the plague is spreading every minute. You have to be brave enough to save everyone. And you need to make every effort to survive before you try to save other victims. Fortunately, you will not fight alone in this world. As you go on your adventure, you can make friends with other survivors or you can team up with other survivors to fight these monsters. You will never regret trying this game, as it is great to shoot these monsters with your sniper in FPS mode. And as soon as you step into this horrible world, war begins. The battlefield is not the ideal place for you to think about ethics and these ethical principles. You must use all available resources to do everything in your power to survive.

Winning this terrible war is not easy. As you fight the zombie forces you will see that all areas are affected. Worst of all, resources are scarce and limited. So it is up to you to decide what you can do to save society. To complete all of these missions, you must first train yourself to become an excellent zombie hunter. This is a cruel world. You must first learn to protect yourself from these monsters. Otherwise you will lose your life, not to mention the safety of others. So in order to accomplish your mission with the least effort, you have to make your own strategy before you get into a fight. There are not many rules. You can always eliminate your enemies in a flexible way. You can choose to shoot the zombies from a distance or you can just bomb the best place. You can choose any method that meets your needs. It is also important that you collect all the gold coins and other materials and resources to avoid this catastrophic time. If you are not good at photography then don’t despair because photography is not always an option. In fact, shooting is not enough if you want to win this war. No matter how good your shooting skills are, the essence is to build a PvP army because you have no way of winning this battle by relying on yourself alone. And you will have a very different experience by leading your army in the fight against these evil monsters. You will realize that this war game is very different from other ordinary war games. But to win this battle, you have to protect your troops, which means you need to build some shelters to make a safe haven for the survivors. It is also important to build a strong foundation in the post apocalyptic zombie world.

Now is the time to put all your war tactics into practice. You will find that the situation in this game is very similar to the scenarios you saw in the popular TV series Walking Dead. Everything is cruel and oppressive. You can wash your hands of your life at any time. Sometimes you feel very helpless when a lot of monsters try to attack your establishment. But this is war. And if you want to survive, fighting is your only option. But you cannot fight alone. Therefore, it is very important for you to increase the number and strength of your army by persuading the survivors to join the war. And it would be even better if you could choose these heroes with special abilities.

In any case, there is no time to lose because the disease spreads rapidly. You know that anyone who can control an infection can control the whole world. So if you can help prevent the apocalypse, you will own this world. All sacrifices are worthwhile. To strengthen yourself. It’s best to make some alliances for yourself. You can make some strategic partnerships to survive in this terrible world. Finally, you must always remember that your survival is at stake. There will be no army to save you from this disaster. This is definitely not the time for you to follow some peaceful rules. You can just copy the rollbook and do whatever it takes to save yourself and your friends. As long as you do your best, you will rewrite human history by defeating the invading army. Nothing could be cooler!

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