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8 Ball Pool:

Is an online and mobile-based billiard-themed pool simulation sports game maintained and operated by Miniclip, a games company based in Switzerland, Portugal, Italy, and England. As of June 2015, 8 Ball Pool was ranked number one of one-hundred top games ranked by the App Store’s Top Games lists and also one of four apps that consistently got the highest review scores for iOS users.


Download 8 Ball Pool Game For Free
8 Ball Pool

About 8 Ball Pool:

The app offers live matches from licensed US leagues (8 Ball Pool Live) and over 40 other worldwide leagues played via Miniclip. It can also be viewed on desktop at (www. and mobile on android. 8 Ball Pool, along with its parent companies, has won numerous awards and titles including the prestigious “People’s Choice Awards”.

8 Ball Pool GamePlay:

8 Ball Pool has been voted as the #1 Player Favorite Game by the American Gaming Association and receives more than 20 million downloads from iOS users; it is available everywhere Apple devices are sold or purchased. In addition to downloading, there is an exclusive website featuring content and resources related to 8 Ball Pool.

There are various ways to play eight-ball pool online or through an Android Smartphone. One can create an account and start playing right away on any device with no need to install any additional applications. A downloadable version of the game runs on all devices running iOS 9.0 or up. However, you need to have an internet connection to enjoy playing this fantastic free app.


Download 8 Ball Pool Game For Free
8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool provides players with fun, engaging matches, challenging challenges, and exciting features like Online Multiplayer, Classic Mini-Games Listening Challenge, Interactive Matching Game, Social Media Friend Finder, Play With Your Friends & More. While playing 8 Ball Pool players get the chance to win some cash prizes each time they hit a winner. At the end of every match, the player wins some money just like in a real game and gets to take home the prize money in the form of scratch-card tokens.

Players earn points whenever they reach the winning point by placing a bet and winning a race. All these points are added simultaneously to your bank account balance. That means you can buy tickets to visit your favorite venue, visit your favorite restaurant, buy tickets to show off your skill to play in front of friends, and much more for sure! This unique feature will make you ready to score more money when you are done playing the match, no matter how hard you worked.

In our recent survey, we received 10,000+ feedback and rated them all from 1 to 5 and then compared them to the original ranking from Google or Bing. We also put together a user group that helps us review ratings and rank games. If you’re interested in joining our User Group click here ‘8 Ball Pool’ ‘User Groups.

8 Ball Pool contains 4 levels and the different difficulty level which is 8 which includes 32 balls and 3 winners (winners have 3 wins and the losing side has 2 winners). During a round, winners can get a bonus ball and win a random prize in between rounds. But beware, although prizes may change, if you don’t win after getting at least 3 coins there is a chance of having a double prize winner. You have to stay close to the line whenever you want to see who wins something and it can become too obvious in the long run.


Download 8 Ball Pool Game For Free
8 Ball Pool

Rules to play 8 Ball Pool game:

  1. Pick a type of court, for example, singles or doubles
  2. Select the size of the table, e.g. small or big
  3. Fill out the minimum entry requirements
  4. Select a sport with 7 courts, for instance, basketball or tennis
  5. Collect the desired amount of players to play with, for instance, 7 people
  6. Choose a team and place them on a map by dragging them onto the map using arrows placed around the square
  7. Find out who plays best by looking at the scoreboard
  8. After choosing a club, select which team plays best, and enter the details of everyone in there
  9. Win the championship by hitting the winning shot (ball, rack, tie, shot, etc.)
  10. Take a screenshot, use it later on, and send it to yourself, or someone else, when you win.
  11. After winning the first trophy, repeat this process until you have finished 16 times. In case you lose, repeat the same steps until you have broken 16 trophies. The record will be saved, but only every time you finish your goal. The longer you try, the more likely you will win. 8 Ball Pool is a multiplayer-only game.

Download 8 Ball Pool For Free:

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